How to play

  1. Put all the tiles in the bag included with your Grid Game and have each player blindly pick his/her tiles according to the number of players.
  2. The first player can play any tile with the exception of any black ones.
  3. The second player can play any tile that matches at least one color of the tile on the board.
  4. Beginning with the third tile, all tiles played must touch at least 2 tiles on the board at the same time matching their colors.
  5. Black tiles can only be played from the third round on.



Playing The Grid Game is really simple, the rules are similar to those of the Dominoes as you can see in the next graphic:

  1. Match colors.
  2. Match tile heights.
  3. Black tiles can only be played by matching the color part of the tile. They can only be used from the third round on. The black side of the tile cannot be matched to anything, not even other black tiles.
  4. The tiles should be shuffled and picked according to the number of players as follows:


  •  2 Player - 25 tiles.
  • 3 Player - 20 tiles.
  • 4 Player - 18 tiles.
  • 5 Player - 16 tiles.
  • 6 Player - 14 tiles.
  • 7 Player - 12 tiles.
  • 8 Player - 11 tiles.
  • 9 Player - 9 tiles.
  • 10 Player - 8 tiles.
  • 11 Player - 8 tiles.



  1. The first player to use all his/her tiles wins the game.
  2. The rest of the players can keep playing until they use all of their tiles or are out of options.
  3. In case none of the players are able to use all their tiles, the winner will be the one with the least amount of points according to the following chart:


5 points


3 points


2 points


1 point


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