What is The Grid Game?

The Grid Game is a colorful board game that creates beautiful patterns as you play it. Based on the rules of the Dominoes, it is a mix between a puzzle and a strategy game that you can play alone or with/against up to 10 friends.

The game consists of 88 hexagonal tiles, each made of three diamond-shaped faces. Visually, each piece looks like a 2D representation of a cube. The tiles are made from six varieties of color, plus some black tiles.

There are two versions of The Grid Game, The Original and RAD. The rules are the same for both, the difference is a new shape in the faces of the tiles, creating new stunning patterns at the end of the game. The best is that you can link both versions and make the game more complex.


Original Grid

RAD Grid

We will launch soon in Kickstarter

In our campaign there will be 3 different rewards which will give you the opportunity to experience our new board game.

Original Edition
$55 USD+ Shipping (aprox 12 USD to USA)
The Grid Game is a board game designed to share valuable time with your family and friends. The Original edition includes 88 tiles with the original pyramidal design that has characterized this game.
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RAD Edition
$80 USD+ Shipping (aprox 12 USD to USA)
The RAD Edition also includes 88 tiles designed with a dynamic shape that creates new striking patterns different from the Original Edition. The rules are the same, but the experience when you are playing it changes.
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Combo Edition
$110 USD+ Shipping (aprox 25 USD to USA)
Because one is not enough, Combo Edition contains the Original plus the RAD Edition. The secret behind the Combo is that your game will be more complex when you link both editions. The rules are the same, but funnier!.
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